Secrets of Successful MBA Applicants

MBA Essays are an opportunity to draw a wholesome picture of the applicant’s personality and there are some consistent traits among successful MBA applicants. They form a significant aspect of the MBA admission process and adequate time and energy must be invested in them before a candidate can apply for MBA. In this article, we share some less discussed aspects of approaching the MBA application process; following these secret tips will help you to take your application material to another level. 

Successful candidates demonstrate purpose, passion, and potential

What I call the ‘3Ps’ have been my takeaways from the time that I was preparing applications to study abroad. After reading numerous great books on the topic and after studying essays written by successful candidates, I realized that the success of MBA Admission essays depends on how convincingly the candidate is able to put across the three pillars of their application: Purpose, Passion, and Potential. At first glance, this point might seem too ‘basic’ but it is surprising for MBA Admission Consultants how many candidates miss demonstrating these key points in their applications. A meandering narration of one’s past record without connecting the dots to your future and a straightjacket manner of writing that does not reveal vigour can be off-putting to the Admissions Committee. Therefore, all successful MBA candidates finding their way into top global B-Schools will have indeed mastered the art of building their essays around the 3Ps in a skillful, tightly woven narrative style. 

They brainstorm with friends, mentors

Successful applicants are not afraid to discuss their career plans with an open, receptive mindset. Thus, they engage in a proactive process of information gathering, brainstorming, and seeking guidance from mentors much before they actually kick-start the MBA admission process. That said, this step is not easy because when you open up a discussion with your peers or an MBA Admissions Consultant, you must also brace for a barrage of advice and ‘hard truths’ that may not be in line with your ideas. However, that is exactly the point of opening up – to get an objective analysis and fine-tune your take on the way forward if the advice indeed is pragmatic and objective. While talking about one’s dreams and career plans when they are still in a raw stage, and being subject to scrutiny about the same, can indeed be stressful, I believe that this exercise equips one with a stronger sense of purpose, direction, and clarity as one hears himself or herself articulate their plans aloud to a third party. 

A word of caution: Do not consult way too many people; take a stand and stick to it at a logical point. Too many cooks indeed spoil the broth! 

They are aware of basic writing etiquette

Successful MBA candidates take time to pour over basic writing etiquette and brush up on their writing skills; they know that a good command over written communication is equally important as expert inter-personal communication and go the extra mile to become friends with the written word before they take a plunge into the highly demanding MBA admissions process. Even though the task may seem intimidating, there are several writing methods that one can adopt to improve their writing style, suggests Scholar Edits MBA Admission Consultant. Studying traditional mantras of writing clean and succinct copies can help tremendously and it does well to briefly glance through basic writing guides before embarking on the actual process of collating information and building a strong narrative structure for the MBA Admission Essays. Many standard texts for journalism and copy writing, such as The Elements of Style, have excellent guidance on how to avoid clichés, steer clear of verbose and decorative style, and edit objectively. Thus, by adopting a methodical approach, one can indeed write strong essays that make the Admission Committee to sit up and take notice of your candidature. 

They indulge in thorough research

Given the intricate nature of the MBA Admissions process, candidates who take time to research a variety of programs and compare the myriad offerings end up producing far more personalized applications for admission in best MBA colleges. It is no wonder then, that these are the candidates that end up getting invites for interviews and with strong MBA Interview Preparation, they eventually bag offers to their dream schools. Admission Committees look for candidates who demonstrate a keen understanding of the school’s philosophy, its core strengths, and offerings and therefore thorough study of individual websites goes a long way in making a solid application. Details about the courses you wish to pursue, the school clubs that you wish to be a part of, and the specific ways in which you can contribute to program by leveraging your past experience will make your MBA essays stand out for their homework and eagerness to become involved in the diverse student community. Getting in touch with current students and alumni also helps and briefly mentioning the same in the essay bespeaks your dedication. Most importantly, an unbiased and thorough research will help you short-list the schools that are the best fit for your profile and increase your chances of acceptance when you apply for MBA. 

Bio: Gauri Gharpure graduated from Columbia University on a Fulbright scholarship. She is the founder of Scholar Edits, a boutique MBA Admissions Consultancy Firm. 

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