Frequently Asked Questions

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a quick turn-around time and are significantly affordable compared to other services. We offer truly personalized services and are extremely accessible through email and WhatsApp. Our USP is helping with excellent MBA Admissions essays especially given that your mentor is an alumna of Columbia Journalism School.

WhatsApp, Emails, and Calls -  with highly prompt response times.

Yes! As your single point of contact.

We recommend that students take the 11-school package to evenly spread their risk across Safe, Practical, Dream, and Stretch Schools. In case you are opting for less schools, we strongly recommend not keeping the selection entirely top-heavy. We will go through these factors in detail during the school short listing call.

No. It is an intensive process taking into factor varied parameters and we will finalize the school list once we have your profiling questionnaire and have conducted brainstorming sessions.

The process duration depends on the number of schools you have opted for and how prompt you are in collaborating with us. There are many to-and-fro suggestions to ensure that we portray your best profile on all fronts. On average, the turnaround time for essay consulting is between 21-28 days once we receive all the preliminary information and conduct brainstorming sessions. Resume edits and LOR consultation take roughly another 10 days. Expedited services are available at extra cost.  

The short answer is yes. However, some words of caution. Please ensure you have progressed sufficiently in your GMAT prep journey and are confident of getting a decent score. Ideally, we encourage such candidates to have taken at least a few mock tests and be flexible in their choice of schools and GMAT retakes in the worst-case scenario.

Let us just say we are very affordable compared to other companies. Connect with us in person to get a quote. We accept an upfront and non-refundable payment through NEFT or GPay. 

No. We work with very busy professionals embarking on a new life as a student overseas and it is not possible to match prospective clients with past students. We encourage you to read the testimonials or address specific queries in person. 

Ideal hours to connect are Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM. We are accessible over the weekend closer to admission deadlines for each round.  

While we are based in Goa, we follow a truly remote model and can seamlessly work with students from different parts of the world.