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We accept a one-time upfront and non-refundable payment through NEFT. 

Time: ~24 hours on a (bank) working day


This step includes sharing process guidelines with the candidate to ensure a smooth workflow. We also share an exhaustive data collection sheet at this stage which forms the basis of the steps to be undertaken next.

Time: 5-10 working days for the candidate to revert with the completed documents


Once the student reverts with the data collection sheet, we carefully go through it and prepare a blueprint of the candidate's profile complete with its strengths and weaknesses. Detailed calls are undertaken to discuss the same.

Time: ~3 working days to analyze the answers, note queries or request additional inputs if required followed by ~ 3 hours spread over 3 calls over ~3 working days

School Shortlisting

The choice of schools is discussed at this stage and the final list is prepared. 

Time: Part of brainstorming calls

Goal Setting

We analyze the candidate's post-MBA goals and offer pragmatic advice in case they need to be tweaked for a more realistic approach

Time: Part of brainstorming calls

LOR Discussion

In the same thread, we discuss the candidate's choice of recommenders and offer suggestions to select the best professional to provide LORs

Time: Part of brainstorming calls

Resume + LOR

At this stage, we get you started on building the resume, complete with its content and layout. We review the LOR draft - if it is shared by your senior - and in case we notice something glaring that may weaken your selection chances, we will suggest you connect with your senior for an honest discussion

Time: < 5 days

Essay Consultation

This is a collaborative and intensive process that includes a back-and-forth of essay drafts till we are convinced that you are describing your candidature in the most succinct way possible. We will guide you at every step by picking ideas as well as sentence structures apart to ensure you are crisp and compelling in equal measure. 

Time: Usually between 3-4 weeks; can be expedited if the candidate is proactive and we have the bandwidth 

AdCom Queries

In case you need to approach AdCom at any point throughout the admissions process, we help you put your best foot forward to present your queries politely. Once you receive admit offers and scholarships, we also help you negotiate the grant amount. 

Time: Ongoing process, on an as-needed basis