Do I Need GMAT Score in Hand to Start the Applications Process?

The GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Test, is a defining factor to secure admission to the top B-schools in the world. However, many MBA Admissions Consultants concur that it is NOT an absolute requirement to have a GMAT score in hand before one begins the MBA Applications Process and starts working on the MBA Essays. One can start the process simultaneously if one if confident about one’s capabilities as evidenced through Mock Test results. In this scenario, one can approach a Consultant for MBA Admissions with an estimated GMAT score and the team can then devise a strategy to apply for MBA based on that estimate and by considering your overall professional profile. International MBA programs can be shortlisted either basis the estimated score if the candidate demonstrates confidence and skill, or these can be shortlisted at a later stage upon getting the GMAT score. 

Here is a short advice on how to go about preparing for the GMAT exam. We advise that one first takes a full-length diagnostic test before starting the preparation. This approach allows the candidate to get a grasp on the exam’s format, question patterns, and the breadth of the syllabus and allows the candidate to gauge their level of proficiency. Devote the first 1-1.5 months of your preparation to build a solid foundation by referring to conceptual study material and mastering the areas tested on the GMAT. After attaining more than 75% accuracy, the focus should be on building speed; it is at this point that candidates must start timing themselves. Additionally, taking one full-length test every week will allow you to build endurance, time management skills, and test-taking strategies. Candidates must continuously assess themselves and find ways in which they can improve their performance while taking GMAT mock tests. 

Bio: Gauri Gharpure graduated from Columbia University on a Fulbright scholarship. She is the founder of Scholar Edits, a boutique MBA Admissions Consultancy Firm that offers personalized admission consulting services 

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